collecting the unknown.











Why the XKit?
  • Custom:
The XKit was designed specifically for first responders by a seasoned expert in the field of evidence collection.
  • Stocked:
A single XKit is capable of taking 50 biological samples and up to 24 chemical samples.
  • Simple:
This prepackaged kit eliminates dozens of purchase orders to keep track of and vendors to manage.
  • Tough:
The durable hard-shell case is easily transportable, and can be used even while restock items are being ordered.

The XKit brings together, in one rough-and-ready hard-shell case, everything first responders need to capture samples effectively at WMD or hazardous materials incidents.

A product of Evidex, Inc., the XKit
was created by a former FBI Hazardous Materials Response Training Program manager.  Evidex personnel have developed and delivered Hazardous Materials Crime Scene training to Federal, State and local departments, and have supervised and participated in training programs in Hazmat Operations, Hazmat Tactical Operations, WMD Crime Scene Biology, Chemistry and Radiation.


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